Lawyers for Traffic Violations Defense

Our firm has handled thousands of traffic tickets and have helped thousands protect their licenses. When you come in for your free consultation we will obtain your DMV printout and from there advise you as to your best course of action. From the first time we appear in court we fight to protect your license. From the initial conference with the Prosecutors to the final disposition of your case we aggressively fight your case doing legally whatever it takes to protect your license and driving privileges. Moreover, on most instances we can resolve your tickets without you ever being present. My staff is professional and your phone calls will be returned promptly.


A Conviction For A Traffic Ticket Can Result In:

  • Result In A Criminal Conviction
  • Loss Of Driving License
  • Suspension Of Registration
  • Mandatory Fines And Surcharges
  • Increase Insurance Premiums
  • Being Dropped By Your Insurance Company