The Point and Insurance Reduction Program approved by the DMV is available throughout New York State. The program is available thorough private companies called "course sponsors." The course is 6-8 hours long and is presented in one or two class sessions. No formal testing is required to complete the course. The course focuses on traffic safety issues such as driver attitude and behavior and defensive driving techniques.

If a driver attends and complete the course the driver may be eligible to reduce as many as four points from their record which will automatically be noted by the DMV computer if eligible.

In addition, if the driver is the principal operator of a motor vehicle they will receive a minimum 10% reduction on the base rate of automobile liability and collision insurance premiums each year for three years.


Limitations of the Program

  1. Point reduction can not reduce your points to below zero.
  2. Only applies to points that occurred with 18 months immediately proceeding course completion.
  3. Can not be used as a credit for future violations or points.
  4. If license has been suspended or revoked already, or if violation hearing has already been scheduled will not affect this action.
  5. Will not cancel mandatory revocations or suspensions stemming for DWI or DWAI OR 3 speeding tickets within 18 months.
  6. Only can benefit from program every 18 months.


Does completion of the program erase, remove or delete any violation, conviction, or notice of original number of points on my driving record?

No, point reduction will only affect points that have occurred during the 18 months prior to completion of the course. Any violations, convictions, and points will continue to show up on your license however, the DMV will not count up to four points against your driving record toward revocation or suspension of drivers license.